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The Etymology of ‘Rempit’

An intensive and extensive study in a Malaysian Menace by Professor Junaidi b. Aminuddin

Handsome Scientist / Awesome Detailer / Badass Biker Extraordinaire


Since my poor Kangoo ain’t back from the hospital yet, I bitched to Junaidi the Hottie [or Jun for short] about my woes of being car-less and cursing the menace that is the Rempit [illegal bikers who rev and speed on the motorway].


Here begins the Convo. Please note that since I’ve set my gmail in Spanish [laugh all you want, Heathens], Yo = Me / I = Mei.



junaidi: kapchai is a term derived from the honda cubs
  and who drove them?
  cub chais
 Yo: err
 where does the term rempit come from
 junaidi: hah! that is a whole different discussion

Yo: what’s the female equivalent of a rempit
 junaidi: minah
 Yo: minah?
  mat minah
 junaidi: no!
 mat = boy
 Yo: -__-
 junaidi: minah = aminah
 Yo: so er,
 junaidi: old school names
 Yo: minah rempit
 junaidi: yes
 Yo: woooooooooooooo
 junaidi: rempit probably came from the word rem
coz its like saying rpm
  but retarded malay kids say ramp
 Yo: revolutions per minute
 junaidi: yes
 Yo: DOES NOT sound like REM!!!!!
 junaidi: yes i know
  but bare with me
  i mean bear
 Yo: okay, bare i shall
 junaidi: HAHAHAHA
junaidi: moving on
 Yo: you first
 junaidi: so you can say
  ramp it
  or rem it
  hence rempit
 Yo: ….
  there’s a malay movie
  or something like that
  about the life of a sad sorry rempit
 such brilliant performances!
 junaidi: yes
 Yo: it makes me want to go and give them a hug
 junaidi: acherly there are several
 Yo: evolusi kl drift
 junaidi: KL menjerit
 junaidi: and REMP-IT
 Yo: er, jun
  why do YOU know all these movie titles?
 junaidi: i do my research
  you know
 Yo: “idolaku remp-it”
 junaidi: purely educationly
 damn it
 Yo: you cant even spell it right
  sayangku evolusi kl drift
  dengan si cantik dan seksi fasha sandha
 junaidi: ooooh
  omg lah
 junaidi: siaaaaal la
  she’s okay la
  not that bad
 Yo: she’s a stoner
 she aint that pretty
 junaidi: you think so?
 Yo: hanis zalikha
  now that’s a hot malay chick
 junaidi: but theres also aother variation to the origins of the word rempit
  you see
 Yo: such as?
  cause they keep on ramming into cars
  rem it, rempit
 junaidi: cheap old dirty malaysian bikes usually meant for speed demons
  2 stroke bikes
  a characteristic of their engineering is their small narrow exhaust pipes
 when the throttle is turned
  you get this sound
 junaidi: reeeeengggg
 junaidi: reenenggg
  because you’re in the lower gear
 Yo: when u turn it off it goes eeeeet
 junaidi: you get what you called back pressure
 causing a pop (due to vacuum)
  this pop ranges from
  to Pit
  big harleys go BOOM
  small bikes
 Yo: ………
 junaidi: you get the idea
 Yo: you have got to be kidding me
 junaidi: i.e
  no i’m not
  i shall demo one day
 Yo: REEEEENNG and piiiit
 junaidi: yes
  i shall blog about this
 junaidi: so at stationary mode
 Yo: The origins of Rempit
 junaidi: when mr i’m so cool my pants are too small
  and tight
 Yo: Dissertation by Junaidi Aminuddin
 junaidi: shows off by turning the throttle at stationary
  the soudn goes like this
  rreeeenggggggg pit pitpitpitpitpt …pit……..pit
And there you have it folks!