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Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

I know, I know! It’s finally here! Whop dee doo!

After months of speculation, “When-will-it-open” moments and general “I can’t wait!” sentiments, it’s finally here! Euphoria by Ministry of Sound is open to the public!

Since I’m working with the Agency that did the website, we were all invited to the club’s soft launch on 25th June [1 day before my actual birthday – hence lots of alcoholism going around! 😛 Didn’t help that it was free flow as well].

I’ll just let the pictures do the talking, shall I?

Jamie, Eve, Pix, M* [the debut of nice eyebrows too! More to come 😀 ]

Jamie, Zaheer, Jo, Pix, David, M*s hand, Dawn’s hand.

Definitely no bonus this year 😦 Za, David [all-powerful GM], Hatim

One of the funky Pink Groovers! Yes, he’s wearing a g-string. But I saw a hint of a boxershort [thank you, Visible Undie Line!]

All ye smokers have a special room to be in should y’all wish to smoke. Hah!

She really needs to go. Tee hee

One of The Grinders. They’ve got metal bits on their front jacket, with a metal-polishing-thingajig tool that emits sparks when grinded against metal bits.

A Candy Girl 😀

More mindless Photoshop work done.