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Because I Can …

I give myself permission to…

… feel mad, angry and upset about the way things are going on in my life

… at the same time, also not forget to count my blessings and how lucky I am to do what I like

… sing horrendously offkey to “Defying Gravity” cause it’s my new alltime favourite song

… screech to “My Life Would Suck Without You” cause I feel great when I do that cause we belooooooong togeeeeether nowwww… yeeaaaah!

… feel happy that my uterus is not inhabited again

… eat ice cream for dinner, because I shouldn’t be told to look a certain way or have a certain type of body

… not feel guilty for saying no. Because I don’t have to please every one

… have a nap after lunch before teaching the evening class

… have a nap every time before I teach class

… take care of myself and my needs first, because it’s not being selfish, but because I have to take care of my Self before I can take care of yours πŸ˜‰

What are you going to give yourself permission to do?

*hattip Justatitch !


Model For A Day

Many thanks to Joe Low for the opportunity! πŸ˜€

It all began very simply – a simple invitation via twitter to join photography great Joe on his assignment “Women in White”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any white shirts so I had to beg borrow steal one from The Boyfriend [who, by the way, is THREE times my size!].

Here are the photos :

The most LOL thing of the photoshoot was Joe telling me to RELAX [yes, if you look closer, my arms are still kinda stiff]. I was thinking to myself “HOW RIDICULOUS – I tell people to relax day in day out for a living and I can’t even RELAX in front of a camera!”



Lady Luck

Picked up The Boyfriend for lunch [mmm lamb stew] yesterday. When he got into the car he looked and me and exclaimed :

You’ve got a lady bug on your head!

“Hurry B! Take the photo! Take the photo!”

After much angling, “DON’T MOVE!” commands, and me going “Hurry. Up. I cannot feel my neck” yeah yeah enough of the yoga jokes ….

Lady Bug

Here’s a close up… Ok, I know I need to wax my brows and stuff, but just look at the lady bug and pretend I’ve got lovely shaped eyebrows, ok? Awesome!

Lady Bug closeup

Closer... closer...

And yes, those are my real eyelashes. wow, you can see the blackheads on my nose.

Hmm, what could this possibly mean? Googled and it says that it means that all my wishes will come true. Really? Universe?

Here’s hoping that your Monday is as awesome πŸ™‚


p.s : Like my new hair? And the new colour? It’s almost close to my natural colour… BLONDE.

Weirdest Week. EVER.

This week has sort of turned out to be the weirdest one I’ve ever lived. Wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.

Monday my heart did backflips, backward bends and [HOLY HELL] 600 jumping jacks when I found out my privacy was compromised. I felt claustrophobic, like I COULD NOT breathe [don’t tell me to do breathing exercises – I did, and wanted to DIE after doing 3 sets of Pranayama breathing]. I suppose the wanting to die feeling was due to doing THREE sets of Pranayama, and not because of the situation. Hmm…

Friday I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee after teaching the 815pm. Lovely Pickway gave me a bottle of pepper spray cause she owes me one [heh]. Random dude approaches us and tells us how he pepper spray’d his dog and it died. or something equally horrid. Random Dude proceeds to ask us “Why are you giving her [me] pepper spray?” to which I replied “It’s a birthday present” whilst calculating how much do I have left in my bank to survive AFTER I pepper spray this weirdo and figuring out how to push him down the stairs.

This morning absolutely takes the cake. Popped my Lady GaGa CD out and turned the radio on [until Justin Beaver, or Bieber, or whatever her name is OFF the airwaves I’m listening to Lady GaGa!], grooved to Alejandro for a bit before switching to my favourite channel. Lo and behold, Alejandro was on again!

Weird. Weird. Weird.

I think it’s time to sit and home and grow mouldy.


Nearly Back to Regular Programming…

In between teaching 10-12 classes a week [I taught TWELVE last week, and 6 classes in 48hours…], constant regular practice and trying to live life…

I have somehow found the time to blog! While not a very regular feature… I present to you… !

This should be a fun thing to do πŸ™‚ Thanks for Lee Allen Johnson for the reccomendation!

BTW – blogplug! – check out Lee’s site – for the latest news in the Bikram Yoga community πŸ™‚