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Much Angst!

I have so much angst bottled up in me at the end of the day, I end up becoming too tired from trying to contain it all in.

Y’all wouldn’t want to see me explode and curse you to have syphilis in the mouth [and tap some of that vile virus into your lunch when you’re not looking].

So! I’ve decided to let it all out by attending Bikram’s Yoga religiously. In fact, I go about 4-5 times a week. So far noted and obvious improvements are :

– Period over in 3-days [yay!]

– No period cramps [yay!!]

– Arms are toned [watch out Madonna]

– Stomach flatter

– Fat around hips has diminished oh-so-slightly

– Clearer complexion

– More energy

– Very alert now [so alert, I sing off-key in my new office much to the annoyance of others. Finance Manager walked into the room and asked who was singing 😛 ]

– Thighs as toned as a Marble Artemis

But I digress. Off to a hot torture chamber I go!