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CY : I think they’re weird. They’re all weird.

M* : WTF no they aren’t! *YOU’RE* the weirdo!

CY : They’re pretty bad ay.

M* : No they’re not! You’re being difficult!

CY : I don’t think any of them should win the RM75,000.

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Grade A Stalker

Been listening to the soundtrack for the launch of a client’s new car. I must say it’s such a lovely song, although it sounds a tad depressing.

Lay disagrees, saying it sounds dramatic. Whatever dude, it sounds D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-N-G! 😛

I’ve not only got the lyrics to the song… but I’ve got the name of composer. And I now know his email address and workplace.

Never underestimate the power of Google.


LK, here I come for you!

Much Angst!

I have so much angst bottled up in me at the end of the day, I end up becoming too tired from trying to contain it all in.

Y’all wouldn’t want to see me explode and curse you to have syphilis in the mouth [and tap some of that vile virus into your lunch when you’re not looking].

So! I’ve decided to let it all out by attending Bikram’s Yoga religiously. In fact, I go about 4-5 times a week. So far noted and obvious improvements are :

– Period over in 3-days [yay!]

– No period cramps [yay!!]

– Arms are toned [watch out Madonna]

– Stomach flatter

– Fat around hips has diminished oh-so-slightly

– Clearer complexion

– More energy

– Very alert now [so alert, I sing off-key in my new office much to the annoyance of others. Finance Manager walked into the room and asked who was singing 😛 ]

– Thighs as toned as a Marble Artemis

But I digress. Off to a hot torture chamber I go!


I’ve Never Felt So Hungover & Sick…

… which means I’m definitely not cut out for all these ‘clubbing’ debauchery that Junaidi, Christine, myself and his friends gloriously attended on Friday.

Jun, stop speeding! I puked at A&W thanks to your awesome lane-shifting skills 😦 *Should* my demise happen in your car, you won’t get any of my insurance money.

Or have you met my boyfriend and this is some sort of sordid plan you guys came up with?

Came home at around 5am, flopped onto bed, woke up at 11.04am [to shouts of “OH SHIET!” as I was late for work]. Managed to go into office for a good 5-6 hours before toddling back home to sleep on my boyfriend’s lap. In fact, it was such a good sleep, he had to wake up me 4 times so he could get me to open the door.

And now I’m off to yoga. Girl’s gotta exercise, you know.

I’m Not Mean

Mei* (08:07 PM) :
i hope his small dick rots off

dawn dawn (08:07 PM) :
you are so mean

Mei* (08:07 PM) :
by the time he dies, he will only be left with 2 shirvelled scrotums
Mei* (08:07 PM) :
i am not mean
Mei* (08:07 PM) :
i am creatively expressing my anger and rage.

p/s : 8.07pm, and my colleague and I are bitching about someone.